What to buy tomorrow: Chanel new package wants!

hotnewsaa | 17 January, 2019 08:26

There is a brand new Boy Chanel, a new color thick-skinned Chanel small square bag, 2.55 models with new lines, new fur and new fabrics, pearl sequins for Chanel a dyed aristocratic temperament.

[Replica New Chanel 2.55 Bags, the most exciting way for women to buy] In February 1955, Coco Chanel shocked the fashion circle with an epoch-making bag design, which is 2.55. As a fashion pioneer, Ms. Chanel boldly introduced the shoulder strap design for women's handbags, creating a new fashion trend. Since then, this Fake Chanel New Bag of gold and gold has made all women fascinated and become one of the must-have items for fashionable women.

CocoChanel's creation of 2.55 was inspired by her own life experience and experience. Replica Coco Chanel Handbags grew up in an orphanage at an early age. The reddish leather in 2.55 represents Coco's childhood, because the uniforms worn by the orphans in the orphanage are this color. The 2.55 double-cover design also has its own thoughts. The first cover has a zippered clip inside, which is where Coco collects his love letters. The small clip on the back of the 2.55 is used by Coco to store change. The design of the shoulder chain was also inspired by the orphanage. At that time, the guards of the orphanage tied the key to their waist with a similar chain. It was also a very impressive picture of Coco. The 2.55 long buckle is named "MademoiselleLock", which translates to "Miss Lock", which means that Coco is not married for life, so he will be called MissCocoChanel for a lifetime.


hotnewsaa | 17 January, 2019 04:20

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